The commitment to a life-long union is a special and joyous occasion. The cathedral welcomes everyone, including same-sex couples, to be married here, as long as one partner in the union is a baptized Christian.

Interested in being married or having your union blessed at Grace Cathedral?  A great way to get started is to read these*:

Getting Married at Grace FAQ Wedding Handbook

After reading these resources, please contact our Wedding Coordinator by e-mail at or telephone at 415-749-6328.  

There are five beautiful, distinctive venues for weddings and blessings at Grace Cathedral.  Which one is is right for your special day?

The Nave

The Nave is the main central area of Grace Cathedral. With 90-foot ceilings, sweeping archways, and 26 stained glass windows, it is a rare and stunning space. With a large seating capacity and wonderful acoustics, the Nave is perfect for larger weddings.

Accommodates 100 – 1,000

The Great Quire

The Great Quire is the area behind the Altar in the main area of the church. It houses an Aeolian-Skinner organ with over 7,300 pipes. It is often the chosen location for smaller weddings within the vastness of the Nave space.

Accommodates 100 – 180

The Chapel of Grace

The Chapel of Grace is an intimate side chapel attached to the main church and is the oldest part of the cathedral. It has 15 stained glass windows and the beautiful acoustics make it an ideal space for smaller, more intimate weddings.

Accommodates 10 – 114

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a unique setting just inside the entrance to the Cathedral. It features the beautifully executed limestone Chartres’ labyrinth on the floor.  Guests sit around the circular labyrinth.  It is a lovely space for smaller, more intimate weddings.

Accommodates 100 – 150

The Chapel of the Nativity

The Chapel of the Nativity includes an Adoration mural above the Altar and walls hung with 17th century French tapestries. A truly intimate space, it is ideal for the smallest weddings.

Accommodates 2 – 20

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