Ghiberti Center for Culture: Opening Doors to Arts and Ideas

Ghiberti Center for Culture, formerly The Ghiberti Foundation, is the arts and culture foundation at Grace Cathedral. Though its name changed in September 2016, its mission remains the same: to enrich and inspire all people through the arts, music and education.


Grace Cathedral is a significant mediating and unifying institution in the Bay Area, and Ghiberti Center for Culture was organized to build on this role without reference to any denominational identity. The Cathedral Board of Trustees realizes that a secular foundation rather than the cathedral itself, comprising individuals who represent the Bay Area’s diverse cultures, could best coordinate the non-religious programs at Grace Cathedral.

The Artist in Residence program, The Forum, Christmas concerts and other arts programming at the cathedral are presented by Ghiberti Center for Culture, formerly The Ghiberti Foundation. The Center seeks to inspire and enrich diverse communities through the arts, education and public conversation in collaboration with other cultural, educational and civic organizations.

Please visit The Forum, Concerts and Other Performances, and Artist in Residence pages for information on cultural events funded by Ghiberti Center for Culture. 

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