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Welcoming Three New Staff Members

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  I am writing with some very exciting news. After a long process with many excellent applicants we have decided to hire the Rev. Kristin Saylor to be in charge...

Congregation Town Hall — What’s next for the cathedral?

By Ellie Bozmarova

Sunday, August 26

This morning, members of the congregation, clergy and staff gathered to hear the results of the Congregation Survey. Thank you to those who took the survey! Here is a sampling of feedback from our 185...

Dinner with Grace at the Mentone

By Nicole Stahl

Monday, August 20

So many things were special about last week’s DwG! First place has got to be a tie: on Tuesday, it was our “last supper” and fond farewell to lead chef Nicole Sroka, who’s been a...

The Stunning “Yes” of Baptism

By Andrew Dombos

Monday, August 20

Grace Cathedral welcomed new members into our Christian story on Sunday, August 5. Babies and adults alike were splashed with water and given a thumb’s worth of oil on the forehead. Wrapped in dazzling white...

Adventures in Cell Phones for Seniors with Grace

By Tracee Zyla

Monday, August 6

When it comes to cell phones, do you love them, hate them, or find yourself somewhere in between? “How many of our seniors here today own a mobile phone?” Special guest (and regular volunteer fresh...

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