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Thanksgiving Grace

By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Wednesday, November 21

God of abundant life we give you thanks for all your generosity to us your creatures. For making our beautiful home within the universe of your creative love. For encouraging us to be gentle and...

The California Fires: How to Help

By Lynn Aylward

Sunday, November 18

Our dear friends in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, our neighboring diocese based in Sacramento, continue to reel from the impact of the fire in Paradise and surrounding areas. Please consider donating to a...

Grace in the News: Choral Reqiuem

By Brendan Byrne

Friday, November 16

On November 16 and 17, Grace will host the San Francisco premiere of Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite, a monumental original choral work by renowned singer/composer Holcombe Waller that invokes remembrance and peace for the dead...

Carol James at The Vine

By Brendan Byrne

Thursday, October 4

Last night, our own Carol James delivered an amazing homily at The Vine. You can read her words of wisdom below. Jesus, looking at the young man, loved him and said, “You lack one thing;...

A New Way of Learning

By Steph McNally

Wednesday, October 3

My husband and I moved to San Francisco from Australia just over a year ago. I already feel more at home than I ever would have thought possible, something due in large part to the...

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