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In celebration of 100 Years of Music at Grace Cathedral, our 2013 Artist in Residence was Anne Patterson, a renowned visual artist and one of the leading designers working in American theater and music today, who trained at Yale and London’s Slade School of Art. In her current work, she focuses on taking the visual arts into the core of the orchestral and classical music experience, engaging audiences through a synthesis of art and music, light and sound, space and self.
Our first artist in residence was noted playwright and actor Anna Deavere Smith, who was with us during January and February 2012. To see a retrospective of her residency, click here.

2013 Artist in Residence EVENTS

Anne Patterson was in residence throughout 2013, creating site-specific works. Her first engagement was Seeing the Voice a collaborative evening of visual art and music with renowned cellist Joshua Roman on Monday, March 11, 2013, followed by State of Grace with composer and conductor Paul Haas on October 23, 2013.

On View Now 

Graced With Light

As a part of 100 Years of Music at Grace Cathedral, visual artist Anne Patterson created Graced With Light, a stunning, music-inspired installation that incorporates Grace Cathedral’s vaulted ceiling arches and video projection. Ms. Patterson envisioned a series of light pathways, connecting heaven and earth, manifest as ribbons. The ribbons carry our prayers, dreams and wishes skyward, and, in turn, grace streams down the ribbons to us.
Graced With Light is constructed of nearly 20 miles of ribbon, and has been hand-assembled by Ms. Patterson and the Grace Cathedral community. The piece will be on view through the end of 2014.


"I hear color. I see sound. The synthesis of the visual and the auditory allows for a personal connection as my paintings, design, and direction immerse the audience sensorially. Within my frames, the brushstrokes depict scenes of reality - the changing seasons, waves, rippling water - but more importantly, their abstraction is my way of inhabiting the realm of personal interpretation rather than realism. My set design and direction also encourage the audience to connect and discover, deepening their experience. I strive for my work to denote concrete times and locales, references which allow the audience to connect on a basic level. By combining these realistic visuals with color, lighting, projection, and sound, I hope to further develop that connection, to allow the work's visual and auditory synthesis to provoke a response which will deepen the meaning of the aria or soliloquy. My goal is to encourage sensory exploration - to hear and feel the crash of the waves, to see the music playing before your eyes - and to have the audience experience art in a new, deeper way."

Anne Patterson's range is undeniable. From her visual arts background, Anne has gone on to produce incredibly varied works; from technologically advanced performances such as Mercury Soul at New World Symphony to the tradition of classical musical theater in productions of Cabaret and The Light in the Piazza, Anne's work is new and exciting. Anne blends her unique conceptual style with the specifics of the piece, offering an unexpected immersive experience. Her design and direction at once depict settings realistically and conceptually. Her desire to evoke distinct moods, which stems from her background in painting, is aided both by placing the action in a recognizable location and in a location whose abstraction can effectively alter the audience's emotional experience. In her work with set, lighting, and projection design, Anne goes for big statements and symbolism, utilizing her visual arts background to work expertly with color. In the end, her symphonic and theatrical productions develop the subject matter of the music, lyrics, or script into a visual form, immersing the audience fully.
Highlights of Anne's work include Bach's St. John and St. Matthew Passion for Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Debussy's Le Martyre de Saint Sebastien for San Francisco Symphony, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor by Previn/Stoppard for the Philadelphia Orchestra, fourteen operas for the Aspen Opera Theater Center, and The Women of Brewster Place at Arena Stage and the Alliance Theater. In addition, Anne has exhibited her paintings and sculptures at the Marmara Gallery and Wallspace in New York City, The Shaw Room in Atlanta, GA, and the Cade Tompkins Projects in Providence, RI.
Anne received a BA in architecture from Yale University and continued her education with an MFA in set and costume design at Slade School of Art in London. Her work for television has appeared on Saturday Night Live, HBO, and PBS. Her theatrical and symphonic partnerships have included some of the major venues in the United States: Arena Stage in DC, The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, The Kennedy Center, The Fisher Center at Bard College, and prestigious symphonies in San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Chicago.
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