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Grace Cathedral Discography

2011 CD ReleaseCelebration in sound -- voice, choir, organ, brass, orchestra -- is at the heart of cathedral worship, and Grace Cathedral has been part of the chorus for nearly a century. Over the years, celebrations of Christmas, Easter and other spiritual occasions at the Cathedral, have been permanently preserved on LPs, cassettes, CDs and DVDs. The following Grace Cathedral discography covers all known LP records, tapes, CDs and DVDs recorded for commercial release by, about, or involving Grace Cathedral. The majority of LP records post-dating 1958 are in stereo.

Most recordings produced by Grace Cathedral are out of print, including all LPs and most CDs listed. The Shop at Grace Cathedral carries current CDs and those titles are linked to the online shop.  Many of CDs and all of the LPs will only be found in used record stores or from recording company web sites. Corrections and additions to this list are welcome. Please e-mail the cathedral archivist by clicking here.

Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys

Christmas in San Francisco
The music of a San Francisco Christmas. The fourth and eighth tracks (side 1) feature the choir and the seventh track (side 2) the carillon.
1974, Capitol Records LP EC-101

The Choir of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Music for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany - LP showcasing the cathedral choir
1976, LP Grace Cathedral

The Choir of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco - Music for Easter, Ascension and Pentecost
A companion album to the 1976 choir album
1979 LP, Grace Cathedral

Music from Grace Cathedral
Cassette of 1980 and 1981 evensongs
Grace Cathedral

Christmas Concert, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
A collection of Christmas carols and anthems
1982 LP, Grace Cathedral

Rejoice - Christmas at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Released as CD and cassette
1986, Grace Cathedral

Nowell Sing We
Cassette of choir Christmas carols
1989, Grace Cathedral

The Grace Cathedral Choir and Organ
Mixed choir and organ selections, the latter played by Fenstermaker
1990, Wilson Audiophile CD - WCD - 794/805

Light's Glittering Morn
Performed by the combined choirs of Washington National Cathedral and Grace Cathedral
1991, EMI Classics CD - CDC 7-54134-2

No Room at the Inn
Cathedral choir Christmas Concert
1991, cassette - Grace Cathedral

Hymns of Grace (available from our online shop)
A selection of 27 famous and less familiar hymns
1993 CD and cassette - Grace Cathedral

Sleeps Judea Fair (available from our online shop)
Christmas carols and concert music
1994 CD and cassette - Grace Cathedral

The Worlds Above
Anthems and organ music
1996 CD and cassette - Grace Cathedral

On Christmas Night
Christmas carols and anthems
1998 CD and cassette - Grace Cathedral

Evensong for Epiphany (available from our online shop)
A service of evensong for the post-Christmas season
1999 - Gothic CD - G 49106

Music For Advent
Anthems for the pre-Christmas season
2000 Gothic CD - G 49119

Wonder Tidings (available from our online shop)
Carols and anthems of the Christmas season
2003 CD - Grace Cathedral

The Sure Provisions (available from our online shop)
Psalms, Hymns and Spirituals. A varied collection of mostly-American sacred choral pieces
2004 CD - Grace Cathedral

Shepherds and Angels (available from our online shop)
Christmas at Grace Cathedral - Choral music from the cathedral choir DVD 'Songs of the Season'. Grace Cathedral, 2004

Songs of the Season at Grace Cathedral (available from our online shop)
The first DVD made by the Grace Cathedral Choir, filmed in various parts of the Cathedral.
2004 DVD - Grace Cathedral

Go Tell it on the Mountain! (available from our online shop)
Christmas with the Choir of Men and Boys.  A rich 2007 collection of Christmas favorites, lesser-known carols, and seasonal gems. Pro Organo CD 7212

Joy to the Heart (available from our online shop)
The Choir of Men and Boys sing familiar hymns, traditional anthems, and contemplative psalms in this 2011 release.
Pro Organo CD 7249

Grace Cathedral Organists

Richard Purvis

Aeolian-Skinner Presents - The King of Instruments, Vol. V
This LP recording includes unattributed segments played on the Grace Cathedral organ by the "staff organist" (Richard Purvis). Aeolian-Skinner XTV 20212 and 20213 – reissued by JAV

A Richard Purvis Organ Recital in Grace Cathedral - Vol. I
First feature record by long-time cathedral organist Richard Purvis. 1956 High Fidelity Records LP (HiFiRecord) R-703

A Richard Purvis Organ Recital in Grace Cathedral - Vol. II
Record includes several of Purvis's compositions. 1956 - High Fidelity Records R-704

Music For Christmas - Richard Purvis
Recorded in 1959 by High Fidelity Records R-705. Reissued as CD in 1997 by Tradition. CD - TCD-1057

Richard Purvis at the Grace Cathedral Organ
Richard Purvis's first and only stereo recording. 1969 - stereo - Word Records LP - WST-9033-LP

The Mighty Pipe Organ Plays Golden Favorites
Readers Digest/RCA - On record #4, Purvis plays selections at Grace Cathedral (side 2) and Symphony Hall, Boston (side 1)
1972 - Five LP (ten side) set. RCA RD4- 054-4, W1RS-9729 and 9730.

John Fenstermaker

The Organ at Grace Cathedral - John Fenstermaker plays French Organ Music
Fenstermaker plays a tasteful selection of French works.1979 LP - Grace Cathedral

Fenstermaker Plays Bach
Cassette made in 1986 - Grace Cathedral

Three Centuries of French Organ Music
Cassette made in 1988 - Grace Cathedral

Historic Organs of San Francisco
A compilation of classic organ pieces played by several organists on historic San Francisco organs.
Fenstermaker plays the 11th and 12th tracks. 1988 - Organ Historical Society CD - OHS-88 (2 discs)

A Brass and Organ Christmas at Grace Cathedral
Fenstermaker joins the Bay Brass and conductor A. David Krehbiel in a stirring concert - 2000 - Gothic Records CD G 49120

Susan Matthews

Chosen Tunes
A varied selection of organ music performed by the cathedral's principal organist. Issued in 2004. Gothic Records CD G 49206

Guest Organists

Lemmens,Vierne, Dupre, Widor - Michael Murray at the Organ of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco - Noted concert organist Michael Murray at the cathedral organ. 1973. Advent Records stereo LP - 5009

Julius Reubke, The 94th Psalm/ Melville Rogers, Prelude - Michael Murray's second recording at Grace Cathedral. 1976 Musical Heritage Society LP - MHS 3344

Catharine Crozier at Grace Cathedral - Crozier plays Mendelssohn, Schumann, Liszt, and Reubke. 1990. Delos CD - DE 3090

PipeDreams Live - 1995 CD - PD CD 1002. The third cut is played on the cathedral organ by Cherry Rhodes; October Prelude by Clarence Mader.

Pipedreams Premieres - A Collection of Music for the King of Instruments - The third track, Menotti's Ricercare, was recorded by John Weaver at Grace Cathedral. 2000? - Pipedreams CD, Minnesota Public Radio.



Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington A Concert of Sacred Music from Grace Cathedral Ellington premiered his famous Sacred Concert at Grace Cathedral on September 16, 1965, issued in 1996 as Status CD DSTS 1015, and still available. The concert, slightly revised, was repeated in New York that December (RCA Victor LSP-3582, reissued as RCA BMG CD 74321192542). Later further revised versions include the 1968 Second Sacred Concert (Fantasy 8407/8, reissued as Prestige PCG-24045-2), and the 1973 Third Concert (RCA APLI-0785) at Westminster Abbey. All three of the later concerts are available as part of a 1999 24-CD Duke Ellington Centennial Edition set (RCA Victor 63386-2).

Love You Madly/A Concert of Sacred Music at Grace Cathedral A profile of Ellington and most of the historic 1965 concert at Grace Cathedral- DVD- 2005- Eagle Rock Entertainment EE39100-9

Vince Guaraldi
The Grace Cathedral Concert - Guaraldi's acclaimed jazz mass, recorded May 21, 1965 - mono LP Fantasy 3367. Reissued in 1997 as Fantasy FCD 9678-2 (1997)

Bola Sete
Bola Sete Live at Grace Cathedral, 1976 - Live performance by legendary Brazilian guitarist of brooding, dramatic pieces. Issued in 2004. Samba Moon Records CD 020401

Cal Tjader
Cal Tjader - The Grace Cathedral Concert - Jazz group concert first released in 1977 as Fantasy LP F-9521. Reissued in 1997 as Fantasy CD - FCD-9677-2

Aaron Neville
Aaron Neville - Warm Your Heart - The Grace Cathedral Choir sang the backing to track 13, Ave Maria. 1991 A&M Records CD - 75021-5354-2

Rova Saxophone Quartet

Rova - Morphological Echo - Saxophonists Steve Adams and Larry Ochs recorded the 7th track, Grace, at Grace Cathedral in 1997. Rastascan Records CD - RR BRD 027.

New Age/Rock/Folk

Beaver and Krause
Gandharva - Beaver/Krause - First released in 1971 as Warner Brothers LP WS 1909. Side 2 was recorded in Grace Cathedral. Reissued in 1994 with additional music as Gandharva/ Beaver and Krause/ In a Wild Sanctuary. Warner Brothers Archives CD - 9 45663-2. The LP is the world's first live quadriphonic recording.

Art Garfunkel
Angel Clare - Recorded by Garfunkel with instrumental accompaniment. The 6th track, All I Know, was recorded at Grace Cathedral in 1972. Reissued in 1990 as CBS CD - Columbia CK 31474

The Mystery Within
A multi-instrument 1991 performance by Janet Bray and Edie Hartshorne.- Cassette tape SA201, Sacred Arts, Berkeley, CA

The Red House Painters
"Grace Cathedral Park" is the first track on their 1993/1999 CD (4 A. D.) (GAD 3008)

Musica Divina - Mysteries
Music for the Labyrinth Walk at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco - Harp, flue saxophone ensemble recorded in 1998. BMI CD - Musdiv 01

Lisa Rafel - Soul Songs of the Labyrinth
Chants accompanied by crystal bowls and Tibetan bells, recorded in Grace Cathedral in 1998. CD (1999) (available from the artist)

George Winston - Plains
Solo pianist Winston recorded track 13, 'Ike La Ladana, at Grace Cathedral in 1999. Windham Hill CD - 01934-11465-2b

Al Stewart Live at Grace Cathedral
A 2001 concert DVD by the rock troubadour. Tess Films TF01 (available from

The Decemberists
"Grace Cathedral Hill" is the seventh track on their 2002 "Castaways and Cutouts" CD (KRS398)

Awakening Gratitude - Music for Meditation and Healing
Original compositions played on Asian and Andean instruments by Edie Hartshorne and Purnima (Janet Bray)

US Naval Academy Men's Glee Club - On Tour II
Majority of tracks on this CD were recorded during a concert in Grace Cathedral on March 15, 2010.

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