Congregation Council

Who Are We?

The Congregation Council of Grace Cathedral is an organization of elected representatives from the Cathedral congregation working to empower, enable, and enlarge the ministry to, and within, the life of the Cathedral.  For a directory of members, click here.

Why Are We Here?

Congregation Council meets regularly to support programs that benefit the life of the congregation, identify needs within the congregation and to provide voice to congregational concerns. Council work focuses on leadership development, outreach, stewardship, hospitality, discipleship and spiritual growth for individuals, groups and the congregation at large.

What Are We Doing?

  1. We work with the wide variety of Cathedral ministries to strengthen relationships within the Cathedral, to uphold norms for ministries in an effort to clarify their processes and abilities to recruit, sustain themselves, grow, and serve effectively and with accountability. To help in this relationship building, we host Ministry Roundtables each year.
  1. Members serve as “ambassadors” to cathedral, diocesan and community events during the year to raise the Cathedral’s welcome, hospitality and profile throughout the diocese.

We Want to Connect with You.

We are here to listen and give voice to your ideas, concerns and hopes for Grace Cathedral. You can look for us at coffee hour, events and services. Our nametags have a distinctive red ribbon that reads “Congregation Council.”  If you would like to contact Congregation Council, please click here and complete the pop-up form.

Christine Bensen

Stanley D. Gwyn

Aaron Hill

Constance Holmes

Doehee Kimm

Jean Krasilnikoff

Heather Millar

Diane R. Morrill

Clare Simmons

James B. Simpson

Wendy Sinek

Nicole Z. Stahl

Richard W. Alsterberg, Jr.

Brian Wallace

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