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Jail Ministry

Founded and supported by Grace Cathedral, the San Francisco Jail Ministry now draws volunteers from several Episcopal churches and beyond.  We help the women and men in the jail connect with God and themselves, their families and loved ones, and with each other. It is a ministry of presence, hospitality and respectfulness.

There are two ways to get involved: 


Evening Prayer

We offer evening prayer and reflection on scripture in a women's unit or the men's psych unit in San Francisco on Tuesday evenings. As a ministry of presence, we do not preach, proselytize or judge. We just pray, sing, and lead a conversational style of Bible study and reflection.  

Stories from Mom/Dad

Help inmates maintain links with their children. Volunteers bring children’s books and tape recorders to the incarcerated parents. The parent chooses a book and the volunteer records her or his voice as they read to their child. The book and recording are then sent to the child's guardian.  Offered on selected Tuesday evenings in San Francisco and on Thursday evenings in San Bruno. 

What is the Commitment? 

Wondering whether this for you? 

Want to try it out first? 

Other ways to help the Jail Ministry

Being in the jails isn't for everyone or for everyone's schedule. Some other ways to participate include:

For more information, e-mail the Jail Ministry or call the Rev. Andy Lobban at 415-749-6364.

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