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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the official governing body of Grace Cathedral. Nine of the forty members are elected by the congregation and thirty-one are elected by the Board from the congregation and the community at large. The Bishop of California serves as the President and the Dean of Grace Cathedral serves as Vice President.  

Officers     A - C     D - G     H - K     L - R     S - Z 


The Rt. Rev.
Marc Handley Andrus               

Bishop of California


Jane Shaw Carpenter

Eliza Brown
Vice Chair

Anne Casscells
David W. Walker



last names beginning with A - C

   WilliaK. Bowes, Jr.

Jamie Nicol Bowles


Lee McEnany Caraher

Dorena Chan                    



last names beginning with d - g

Donald W. Derheim

Lokelani Devone

Peter M. Drake

  Priscilla Geeslin

Vance Y. George


   Zane O. Gresham

  John Gnuse  

last names beginning with H - K

Samuel Hocking        

Ambassador James C. Hormel

 Caroline Hoxby

Judith Droz Keyes

last names beginning with l - R

Mary Ryan McCarthy                    


Meridee Moore

Lori Ogden Moore

James Pannell

Michael J. Patterson
Congregation Council  

Bob Peck

Garrett A. H. Price III


last names beginning with S - Z

Michael Scheu    

Rita Semel                             

Michael Sippey                    

Anna Deavere Smith          


Thomas F. Steyer

Patrick Thompson

Trevor Traina
Cathedral School for Boys

Mary Vargas
Standing Committee

Susan von Herrman   Eric Yopes


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