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Our Ancient Faith, Our New Life in Christ 

Join a group of people exploring the meaning of the Christian life as expressed in the Episcopal Church and Grace Cathedral. The next sessions will be held in the weeks leading up to Easter, 2016. The sessions provide preparation for adults who have never been baptized in any Christian church and who seek to join the Christian community. Sessions usually cover: 

This series will meet next in the weeks leading up to Easter in 2016. If you are interested in participating, please email us.


The Anglican Spirit

This six-week colloquium is offered between Easter and Pentecost. Sessions explore the ethos, practices, structure, sensibility and unique voice of Anglicanism. This class is especially helpful for adults preparing for confirmation and reception into the Episcopal Church.  

Within the context of Christianity, what is an Anglican? What is our common history? How do we pray together? As part of our Christian life, how do Anglicans take action in the world?

This series will meet this year in the weeks after Easter, beginning on Sunday, April 19 and running through Sunday, May 31. Topics in 2014 included: 

  • Anglicans: Our Unique Way of Being Christian
  • The Emergence of Anglicanism in Western Christianity
  • Common Prayer Shapes Our Identity
  • Our Church Serves Locally and Globally
  • Music in Worship: What We Do and Why We Do It
  • Lay persons take their place in the life, worship and governance of the Church

For more information, email the Office of the Congregation, or call 415-749-6300.


Serving in Worship 

Join with others to learn what we do in worship and why. These sessions, offered several times each year, teach the meaning behind what we do together in our worship, train readers and all the ministers who assist at the worship services.  Learn more here.

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