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Cathedral Life

Our Mission Statement

We believe in one God, known to us in Jesus Christ, also known by different names in different traditions. We seek to challenge and transform the world, beginning with ourselves, and to celebrate the image of God in every person. We are a house of prayer, worship and service for everyone, welcoming all who seek an inclusive community of love.

LATEST UPDATES  Click here for updates on current events in the cathedral's life. MEMBERSHIP  We invite you to explore joining this vibrant congregation.  This section helps you navigate through the many options available.                             
WORSHIP & MUSIC  Worship is at the core of our existence. We offer rich and varied opportunities daily.  Music is an integral part of many of our services.
PEOPLE  The leadership of the cathedral includes a wide range of staff and volunteers.
THE FORUM  Join us for a series of stimulating conversations about faith and ethics in relation to the issues of our day. IN THE DIOCESE  A cathedral has a special and distinctive role in the life of a diocese.
COMMUNITIES  The cathedral is home to a broad range of communities that gather for various shared common purposes. EXPLORING FAITH  Grace Cathedral offers a multitude of ways to explore and deepen understanding of your faith.
SPIRITUAL SUPPORT  Spiritual support at Grace Cathedral happens through many ministries offered by both clergy and lay members of the community. SCHOOLS  Cathedral School for Boys and The Community Preschool are located at the cathedral.
LIFE'S BIG EVENTS  Events in our lives such as baptism, marriage, and funerals draw us to faith communities.   CONSTRUCTION  Care of an historic structure such as the cathedral often requires large construction projects. In this section we provide overviews of upcoming projects.


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